Yogasthali Founder & Director

Yogasthali Yoga Society Director Yogi Umesh Sharma

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.” ​

Self guided soul in the field of YOGA   –  Yogi Umesh Sharma decided that Yoga encapsulates all the other traditions of Indian culture and thus began his training in the science of Yoga at Jaipur, India. He cleared his Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga and Meditation from Dr. Hari Singh Gaur Central University, Madhay Pradesh, India. He has also completed his YIC from traditional yoga deemed University SVYASA, Banglore. Yogi Umesh Sharma’s speciality is Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style which he practicised under the guidence of renowned Yogaguru SHRI K. PATTABHI JOIS ASHTANGA YOGA INSTITUTE . Yogi Umesh Sharma also completed his master degree in Yoga and Naturopathy from Mahatama Gandhi Institute of Yoga and Naturopathy, Jaipur.

This institute is totally dedicated to ensure sustainable human development which encourages self reliant and self content society, to promote activities related to community service, social welfare and Indian heritage and culture, to inculcate the culture of non violence and truthfulness through vipassanna, meditation and Gandhian Philosophy, to develop the culture of simple living and high thinking. Yogi Umesh has enhance his skills specially in Hath and Ashtang yoga. He went on to conduct Yoga training for various groups around the city and country, including special classes for individuals, schools, colleges, police force, medical practitioners, corporate groups and Mental and De-addiction Hospitals. During his time at the Yoga Institute, Yogi Umesh Sharma supervised various Yoga courses and camps.

Yogi Umesh decided to devote his life to the propagation of Yoga around the world. In this span of time he taught Yoga in many schools, hospitals, Police group and also invited to corporate world to conduct stress management through Yoga and trained many executives of big companies. Yogi Umesh Sharma is a qualified, experience RYT 500 Yoga Alliance US.

He established the Yogasthali in 2009 and has since travelled around India teaching, sharing and furthering his knowledge in the field of Yoga and total health.

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